Capezio ACE Awards – Finalist Showcase & Competition

“The Capezio A.C.E. Awards is a choreography competition dedicated to introducing the next generation of emerging and influential choreographers to the dance world.”

Being chosen as a Capezio ACE Awards Finalist for a second time marks the first event that we attended together as Opus Dance Collective. It was another incredibly inspiring event- we were (…and still are!) humbled and honoured to share the stage with such an incredible line-up of artists. It was a performance that we will not forget, and we’d like to thank Break The Floor and Capezio for once again giving us an opportunity to share our work in front of an influential audience and panel of judges.

con·tem·pla·tion : the deep deliberative state or action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time. Choreographed by Ashley Schofield, Contemplation || Heart vs Head mirrors the thought process of a decision to be made and the choice between following one’s heart or logic. There is a constant battle between the two and a heavy weight of deliberation that circles in one’s head- it isn’t until the moment when the choice and path become clear that we rid ourselves of self-doubt, confusion and comparison in order to move forward.

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