Capezio ACE Awards – Finalist Showcase & Competition

Being chosen as a Capezio ACE Awards Finalist was one of Ashley’s first industry competitions and events to partake in. It was a stepping stone towards the birth of Opus Dance Collective, as it was the beginning of our time together as a group. While not considered an official start to the company, this performance was when Ashley first saw what an amazing group of young artists she had, and that this team had the potential to become something truly unique and special. the state or condition of realizing one’s independence or freedom; becoming self-governing and taking steps on one’s own, under one’s own direction. Choreographed by Ashley Schofield, this piece follows the journey of personal growth; the revelation that provokes you to take the first step forward, the hurdles in which this journey uncovers, and the empowerment of becoming your own entity.

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